Sick or injured? Learn how to get the right level of care fast.

There are an estimated 139 million emergency department visits annually1 and, according to one report, almost two-thirds of visits are “avoidable” or “not an actual emergency.”2 It may be your first instinct to head to the emergency room when you or a loved one is sick or injured, but that actually may not be your best option — it could cost you unnecessary time and money.

In most cases, you can get the right care via urgent care, telehealth or even your primary care physician (PCP) without waiting hours or paying more. Our resources below can help you understand which option may be right for you based on your symptoms and treatment needs.

Get to know your care options.


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An Extra Layer of Care

We created Compass Rose Living Well to supplement the care you receive from your providers. This free program offers personalized information, resources and expert guidance between your regularly scheduled provider visits. We’re here to help you prioritize your health and make healthy choices so you can enjoy life.


Free Care Options Reference Guide

Download and print our Care Options Guide so you can quickly reference your options through the Compass Rose Health Plan. Hang it on your refrigerator, in your office or anywhere that is easily visible when you need it.

Emergency Room Utilization By The Numbers

  • About two-thirds of emergency department visits are potentially unnecessary.2

  • There are about 140 million emergency room visits annually.1

  • The ER co-pay for our members is more than 12 times that of a physician’s office visit.

Additional Resources

Read our blog post, Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care: What is the Difference?, to get a better understanding of which health care setting might be better suited for your health care needs.