Are you an active or retired civilian federal employee?
You’re not eligible for our health plan at this time.
Are you a civilian employee or retiree of the Intelligence Community, Department of State, Department of Defense, or United States Coast Guard?
You’re not eligible for our health plan at this time, but please check out our other insurance plans:
Congrats! Active and retired civilian employees of the Intelligence Community, Department of State, Department of Defense and the United States Coast Guard are eligible for our health plan. Learn more about our health plan below.

The Compass Rose Health Plan is here to serve you.

With everything going on in the world today, you deserve fewer things to worry about. Since 1948, the Compass Rose Health Plan has provided health care coverage with our Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) plan. Paired with our exceptional customer service, the Compass Rose Health Plan is here to help our members and their families stay healthy.

This Open Season, join the Compass Rose Health Plan and enjoy low co-pays and deductibles as well as a nationwide network powered by UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus. And, as a preferred provider organization (PPO), you have the freedom to choose your doctor and hospital without needing any referrals.

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Compass Rose Health Plan 2021 Rates

Enrollment Type Enrollment Code Biweekly Rate Monthly Rate
Self Only 421 $105.97 $229.61
Self Plus One 423 $247.16 $535.52
Self and Family 422 $271.88 $589.07

View Compass Rose Health Plan benefits including preventive care, emergency care, out-of-pocket costs, prescriptions and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Search for doctors, hospitals and other health care providers and facilities within the nationwide UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network using our Provider Directory.
    • Out-of-Pocket Costs In-Network You Pay Out-of-Network You Pay
      Annual Deductible $350 Self
      $700 Self Plus One
      $700 Self and Family
      $400 Self
      $800 Self Plus One
      $800 Self and Family
      Out-of-Pocket Maximum $5,000 Self
      $7,000 Self Plus One
      $7,000 Self and Family
      $7,000 Self
      $9,000 Self Plus One
      $9,000 Self and Family
    • for primary care providers, specialists, emergency room, telehealth, and more.
    • We partner with Express Scripts to provide our members with prescription drug coverage. There are two ways to find out if the prescription drug you are taking is covered by the Compass Rose Health Plan. You can use the Price a Medication tool to search for the name of your medication. You can also contact our prescription drug program directly at the following numbers:

      For generic and brand name drugs, call Express Scripts:
      (877) 438-4449
      For specialty medications, call Accredo:
      (800) 803-2523

      Learn more about our pharmacy benefits.
    • The Compass Rose Health Plan offers some level of dental benefits. Our plan provides some coverage for preventive dental care and some other non-routine services. For more information, review the 2021 Compass Rose Health Plan FEHB Brochure. Note: We do not offer a stand alone dental plan.
    • Yes, the Compass Rose Health Plan provides overseas coverage for you and your covered family members. Physician care and care by other covered professional providers performed outside the U.S. are paid at an in-network level. For more information, please visit the Overseas Benefits page.

Health and Wellness Programs

  • Doctor On Demand

    Skip the trip to the doctor's office with our free telehealth service, Doctor On Demand. See a board-certified physician face-to-face over live video from your smartphone, tablet or
    computer, 24/7.

  • Wellness Rewards Program

    Earn up to $250 per calendar year through our Wellness Rewards Program by completing qualifying activities like getting a routine preventative exam or using our health cost
    estimator tool.

  • Weight Loss Program

    Get personalized guidance on your health journey with our Weight Loss Program through Real Appeal®. This simple, online program helps you lose weight by building healthy habits over time.

How to Enroll


If you are an eligible active or retired federal employee, follow the instructions below to enroll in the Compass Rose Health Plan. If you are happy with your coverage, you DO NOT have to do anything. Your coverage will automatically continue into the following year!

Please make note of the Compass Rose Health Plan enrollment code for the option of your choice:

Enrollment Type Enrollment Code
Self Only 421
Self Plus One 423
Self and Family 422

For more detailed information regarding the steps to enroll, click the appropriate link below:

Active Federal Employees

Retired Federal Employees

Additional Resources

  • Virtual Benefits Fair

    Nov. 9 – Dec.14, 2020

    Register to join and participate in a live chat day from 10am-5pm on:

    Friday, November 20
    Wednesday, December 2
    Wednesday, December 9

  • 2021 FEHB Plan Brochure

  • 2021 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

  • Express Scripts Formulary


Our members stress less about insurance so they can get back to what matters most — enjoying life.


Working with Compass Rose has been phenomenal. They have coordinated so many things including the transfer of all my prescriptions. Things are going so smoothly now.”

Russell M. - Retired Federal Employee

"The respect, patience and professionalism I received from Compass Rose was above and beyond. I am genuinely satisfied and relieved."

John B. - Son of Compass Rose Health Plan member

“With Compass Rose’s support, the quality of my husband's life has improved dramatically. I have always been truly satisfied with Compass Rose.

Erika B., Compass Rose Health Plan member for over 50 years