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The Compass Rose Health Plan is here to support you.

As a Compass Rose Health Plan member, you enjoy benefits like:


A nationwide network of providers, no referrals necessary

The Compass Rose Health Plan utilizes UnitedHealthcare’s Choice Plus network to provide members with access to doctors and hospitals nationwide.


Unlimited free telehealth visits through Doctor On Demand or your in-network primary care provider

So you can talk to a doctor wherever, and whenever you need care.


Competitively low out-of-pocket costs

Sick visits, specialist appointments, prescriptions … we have got you covered.


Overseas coverage

Physician care, among other services performed outside the United States, is paid at an in-network level. Allowing members to see any provider or visit any hospital they choose.


Wellness Rewards Program

Earn up to $350 per calendar year by completing qualifying activities — like getting a routine preventive exam or using our health cost estimator tool.


Weight-Loss Program

Receive personalized guidance on your health journey through Real Appeal — a simple online program helping you lose weight by building timeless healthy habits.

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Compass Rose Health Plan 2023 Rates

Here at the Compass Rose Health Plan, we pride ourselves on providing competitive rates with fantastic benefits. Explore your costs for common covered services, including preventive and emergency care, prescription drugs, massage therapy and more.

2023 Self Only: 421
Biweekly Monthly
Government Share $259.72 $562.73
Member Share $98.32 $213.02
2023 Self Plus One: 423
Biweekly Monthly
Government Share $560.52 $1,214.46
Member Share $227.19 $492.25
2023 Self and Family: 422
Biweekly Monthly
Government Share $611.42 $1,324.74
Member Share $247.90 $537.12
2023 Self Only: 421 Self Plus One: 423 Self and Family: 422
Biweekly Monthly Biweekly Monthly Biweekly Monthly
Government Share $259.72 $562.73 $560.52 $1,214.46 $611.42 $1,324.74
Member Share $98.32 $213.02 $227.19 $492.25 $247.90 $537.12
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2023 Plan Updates

As your partner in health, we want to keep you as informed as possible regarding your coverage. Here are some of the updates we are making to the Compass Rose Health Plan for 2023.

Wellness Rewards Program: We have increased the amount you could earn through our Wellness Rewards Program from $250 to $350 per year for each member and their covered spouse. 

Starting in 2023, members and their covered spouses must opt-in through their myCompass account in order to participate in the Wellness Rewards Program and earn points. 

We are adding several new benefits to our Plan to help ensure you and your family have the resources you need for a successful pregnancy and delivery. 

  • Childbirth Education Classes: The Plan will cover up to $100 per calendar year for childbirth education classes.  
  • Doula Services: The Plan will cover up to $1,000 per calendar year when services are provided by a certified doula through DONA International. 
  • Blood Pressure Monitor: The Plan will reimburse pregnant members up to $50 for one blood pressure cuff per pregnancy. 

The out-of-network allowance determines what the Compass Rose Health Plan will cover when you see a provider not in our network. Staying in-network is strongly encouraged to avoid excess costs that fall outside our plan’s coverage, however, if you do choose to see an out-of-network provider, it is important to understand the costs.

For members not eligible for Medicare, the out-of-network allowance will be equal to 200% of the current Medicare rate in most instances. Please see our 2023 FEHB Brochure for more information.  

If you are over age 65, this benefit change may not apply to you. Please see Section 9 of our 2023 FEHB brochure to learn more about how we coordinate benefits with Medicare and the FEHB law applicable to members over 65 without Medicare.

Members will now pay 35%, up to a maximum of $500, for up to a 30-day supply of non-formulary/non-preferred Specialty drugs. 

Transport from a facility to the member’s home by ambulance or professional transportation is covered following a covered inpatient admission.


Please note: This is a summary of changes. For a complete list, please see Section 2 of our 2023 FEHB Brochure.

How to Make Changes

If you are an existing member wanting to make coverage changes, follow the instructions below.

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If you are currently a Compass Rose Health Plan member and are happy with your coverage, you DO NOT need to do anything. Your coverage will automatically continue into the following year!

Step 1

Please make note of the Compass Rose Health Plan enrollment code for the option of your choice:

Enrollment Type Enrollment Code
Self Only 421
Self Plus One 423
Self and Family 422
Step 2

Get started using your agency’s preferred enrollment method:

Active Federal Employees Retired Federal Employees

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